ManageMy Tracks

ManageMy Tracks is a simple, easy way to view and share your tracks in the cloud.

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Your GPS tracks don’t need to be trapped on a desktop anymore.

Using TrackShare software, you can upload your tracks, POI’s and photos to ManageMy Tracks to store manage and share from anywhere.We have launched the Beta ManageMy Tracks platform as a starting place to build a site that GPS logger enthusiasts want. We want your ideas on how and what you’d like to share and manage, so click on the contact link and drop us a line…


Upload to the cloud with one click

Our TrackShare software lets you upload one or more GPS tracks from your logger to ManageMy Tracks for instant viewing and sharing with one click.

MMT Dash

Store, share and manage tracks in the cloud

Share and manage your track data with ease. Create Groups to share and collaborate on maps with friends. Upload multiple tracks and geo-tagged data such as POI’s and photos with ease. Create map links, store and export track data to use with your own software.

Trackshare trim and edit

Preview and edit tracks on the desktop

Use TrackShare to preview and edit GPS track data with ease on your desktop. Split, trim or filter tracks with intuitive editing tools. Drag and drop photo geo-tagging and edit POIs before upload to ManageMy Tracks to share with others.